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Founded in the 13th century, the Duchy of Lancaster is a unique portfolio of land, property and assets held in trust for the Sovereign in His or Her role as Duke of Lancaster.

The Estate

The Duchy of Lancaster is a private estate owned by Her Majesty The Queen, as Duke of Lancaster. The rural estate consists of 18,454 hectares of land in England and Wales and comprises commercial, agricultural and residential property the majority of which are in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Lincolnshire. Additionally the Duchy has a significant commercial property portfolio largely in the Savoy precinct off the Strand in London, a portfolio of financial investments and a small urban residential portfolio.


The Queen - Duke of Lancaster

The present Queen retains a keen interest in the Duchy of Lancaster, which provides a regular income for Her Majesty to manage Her commitments. Throughout Her reign, She has made regular visits to the estate, and has strengthened the Duchy's charitable work.

Seven centuries after it began, today's Duchy is a modern, professional organisation looking confidently towards the future. All business decisions are made with the aim of ensuring that this unique and resilient institution remains in existence for centuries to come.

The Duchy of Lancaster is an ancient organisation with a firm commitment to the future. The management of the Duchy's assets is undertaken with the objective of providing a sustainable and growing income to The Queen, Duke of Lancaster, while preserving capital for future Dukes, and conserving the land for tenants and visitors.

Duchy lands encompass Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Duchy of Lancaster endeavours to protect the quality of the land, while respecting the commercial needs of tenants. Land use is monitored to ensure that activities will not impair soil quality, and a number of farms have adopted organic farming methods. Sustainability in energy and resources is encouraged in investment and operational property owned by the Duchy.


All our holiday cottages have been sensitively designed and converted to the highest standards to follow the Duchy's high sepcification design code and feature traditional and locally-sourced building materials such as pantiles, stone walls and timber frame windows and doors.

The Duchy of Lancaster is committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability. Where possible, we encourage the use of recyclables as well as green and new energies in all areas of our business.

At Scalby Lodge:

• All our holiday cottages have a high level of efficient thermal insulation
• Eleven of our fifteen cottages have ground source heat pumps and are climate controlled
• Each radiator in the remaining 4 cottages is thermostatically controlled
• The exterior lighting in our communal areas operates automatically via dawn to dusk sensors
• We harvest rainwater for use on the gardens
• All refuse is recycled and sorted by our waste management partners
• Any waste that cannot be recycled is used to produce bio-fuel
• The majority of our toilets have a dual flush mechanism to reduce water consumption
• We provide our guests with eco refillable cleaning products, recycled toilet tissue and compostable bin bags
• Our refillable toiletries are paraben-free and vegan friendly
• We use low energy light bulbs wherever possible and encourage our guests to turn off lights when not needed
• Water-based paints are used in the interior decoration of our cottages
• We provide comprehensive details of local walks, bus and train timetables in our information packs and encourage guests to enjoy car-free days
• We provide guests with details of local restaurants, pubs and cafes
• We do not use pesticides on our gardens and have a policy of not cutting hedges on the site until the bird-nesting season is over
• We have owl boxes and small bird boxes on site and encourage birds and bees with our planting regime
• We use locally sourced products in our welcome hampers.

In addition, we try to encourage the use of digital communication and in the near future plan to introduce electric car charging points to the site.

As a further demonstration of our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility we have recently signed up to the Green Tourism Business Scheme.



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